The HH-RO2-USB is a simple to use, complete, handheld RFID reader with USB interface. RFID tag data packets are continuously transmitted when a tag is within read range. The low-power idle mode makes it ideal for laptop use. It plugs into a standard Type A USB receptacle. The HH-R02-USB mimics data entry from a keyboard by using the HID interface: whenever a tag is scanned, the tag data is displayed on screen as if typed on the keyboard.

The HH-RO2-USB board performs all the functions necessary for a RFID reading station. It continuously powers, reads, and decodes transponders that are within its reading range. When a transponder tag passes within range of the reader antenna, the RF magnetic field generated by the reader powers the tag. The tag then transmits its data. The reader board demodulates and decodes the data. The data is then sent as a packet using the USB HID interface. While the tag remains within reading range it will be continuously powered and the reader will continuously transmit its data. The HH-R02-USB is powered by the USB interface (no batteries are needed).


Description: Complete read-only RFID reader for handheld or desktop use

Interface: USB – HID (human interface device)

Read Range: Tag dependent (about 4 inches maximum)

Power Requirements: Powered by USB port (via 5 ft USB cable with Type A plug); Active mode ('1' down): 5VDC, 80 mA max; Idle mode ('0' down): 5VDC, 7 mA min

Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.6 x 1.25 inches (11x7x3 cm)

Operating Temperature: 0 C° to +50 C°

Protection: IP50

Material: ABS, Gray

Part Numbers: HH-RO2-USB-FS
-FS for fast tag option