Annotator Pro

Hybrid Data Acquisition Device


The Annotator Pro is a hybrid device that combines multiple functions that have traditionally been performed individually by frame grabbers, microcomputers, time code generators, GPS receivers, AHRS/INS systems, and custom software applications. The Annotator Pro provides the same annotation features as other Annotators, with additional data acquisition, annotation, and processing capability. Multiple interface options provides much flexibility. The Annotator Pro can be embedded into end user equipment, configured in a standalone enclosure, or placed in a rack-mountable chassis.


  • Each Annotator Pro can support multiple cameras or other instruments (for example, 3 CL-base inputs, with 3 CL-base outputs)
  • Can act as a multi-channel splitter (for example, 1 CL in to 4 CL out)
  • Can act as a video mux (for example, 4 CL inputs to 1 CL output)
  • Includes built-in pattern generator for testing
  • Multiple control interface options (RS232, RS422, LVDS, USB, Ethernet)
  • Precision time synchronization from GPS or IRIG-B
  • The baseboard is designed around an Altera Cyclone IV FPGA and a dual-core ARM CPU
  • USB, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, and IRIG-B are integrated directly on the baseboard

Data Interface: Modular I/O interface allows for multiple configuration and data format options (Camera Link, multi-channel analog, IR detector preamp, others)

Modular I/O interface

Power Requirements: 9-36 Volts DC

Dimensions: Board size is 160 x 100 mm

Part Number: Annotator-Pro